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Helping our native wildlife find their light again

Culivtating the human/habitat relationship in rural Missouri

We believe that we are a part of the habitat and food chain around us.  We know we can help our communities thrive with their wildlife neighbors through conservation-minded animal rehabilitation, humane exclusion practices, and teaching coexistence.

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Where do our rescues come from?

We travel all over West Central and South West Missouri to help injured and orphaned wildlife. We cover from the Missouri/Kansas State line east into the Ozarks and from the Missouri/Arkansas state line to Cass County. We average over 3,000 miles a year transporting injured wildlife to receive the care they need.

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About Us

There is a need in rural Missouri for Wildlife rehabiliation

Here at Firefly's Wildlife Rescue, we are driven to do our part in making the world a better place. Since 2021, we have taken part in a wide range of activities to aid in the relationship of our rural communities with the wildlife around them. We believe in conservation efforts including land management practices, teaching youth about our natural surroundings, and encouraging the responsible harvesting of wildlife as food sources for communities. We serve our rural communities through education, rescue and rehabilitation services.  Communities without wildlife rehabilitation services see more instances of human/wildlife conflict and illegal wildlife traffic

As rehabilitators, we believe that all life has a purpose in our ecosystem, and that all life has value.  We strive to give expert humane care to the injured and orphaned wildlife that comes into our facility.  We want to make sure the rural communities know that there is a safe option for those animals that does not require them to break conservation law.  We understand that every animal we remove or release has an impact on the ecosystem.

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Our Partners in Conservation Minded Wildlife Rehabilitation

Prairie Tails Spa
Wild Souls
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Ways We Help

The Focus of Our Efforts

Community Education Progam

In 2024, we are starting the Community Education Program.  We will be able to bring our education ambassadors to events to help teach about humane coexistence, adaptation, habitat conservation, and more.  This spring, we have added a Sulcata Tortoise to our team as the endangered species representative; and in July, we will be adding an opposum to the team.  Our goal in 2025 is to bring on a Raptor for educational purposes as well. 

If you would like to have us come to your event, please contact Samantha

at 816-814-8641 or

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Conservation-minded rehabilation

Firefly’s Wildlife Rescue is committed to the humane and sustainable care of native wildlife. Our rehab and release efforts are always in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Missouri Department of Conservation, and our hands-off approach ensures an ethical and successful release into natural habitats.

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Community Outreach

Firefly's Wildlife Rescue is dedicated to putting our rural community first. From humane exclusion practices, rescue services, and stabilization and transfer for those animals who need more specialized care.

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Media Center

All the Latest

bob cat release
Black Rat Snake
opossum joeys

Release of adult bobcat that was hit by car

In care from March 2023 to May 2023

Black rat snake with embedded food can pull tab

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Orphaned Opossums ready for outdoor enclosure

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Firefly’s Wildlife is a volunteer-run wildlife rescue. Since we receive no state or federal funding, we rely entirely on donations and volunteers for our day-to-day operations. Our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for injured, ill, and orphaned wildlife.

Our team of committed volunteers is passionate about providing care and rehabilitation for native Missouri mammals and reptiles in need. We are always looking for more volunteers and donations to help us continue our mission and ensure that our rescued animals are well taken care of.

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Contact Us

1904 W Mechanic St, Harrisonville, MO 64701, USA


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